Saturday, July 16, 2005

Waiting for Harry

Decided not to go to one of the parties last night. After all, I pre-ordered from Amazon so the book should be delivered today. But when? According to the UPS tracker, my book is sitting in a room about 20 minutes from me. It is scheduled to be shipped today so I will get all my chores finished and hope the UPS truck comes sooner rather than later.

I've been reading different articles about the book but haven't found any real spoilers yet. I guess people are still reading the book. I'll keep watching for the UPS truck and clearing my calendar for the next day or so!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Back from Chicago

Wow, I just got back from ALA in Chicago and have so many new books to read. I haven't caught up on my stacks from before I left but I couldn't resist picking up some really interesting ARCs. And I also got to meet many authors and bought copies of their books to have autographed. I think there were more children's authors and illustrators at ALA than usual. I had a great time!

So, now I have lots of summer reading to do. I would love to just spend every day reading. But, I have two manuscripts due at the end of the summer so I guess I should be working on those! Plus I'm teaching a couple of classes this summer and giving a workshop on new children's lit. That is such a fun day.

Now, off to do some more reading.

I am the messenger

Zusak, Markus.
New York : Knopf, 2005
ISBN 037593099X
Meet Ed Kennedy. He's an ordinary kind of guy. He drives a taxi and has no particular goals in life. Neither does his friends. Their lives revolve around mediocre work, playing cards, and soccer. But this is all about to change. Ed is at the bank when an armed gunman comes in to rob it. Now, Ed is not a particularly heroic type of guy but the circumstances of the robbery turn him into one. So, for a few days, his mother is proud of him. But then things go back to normal. At least for awhile. Then the card arrives. It's a playing card. The Ace of Diamonds. Written on the card are addresses and times. What could this possibly mean? As much as he wants to ignore the card, he knows he can't. And now his life is about to take a dramatic turn. As Ed begins to follow the information on the card and change other lives for the better. Some speculate that he is a saint. Or maybe even a fool. All he knows is that he must follow the information on the card. And then more follow.