Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's podcast 02/28/2013

  • Lawlor, Joe. BULLY.COM Grand Rapids, MI : Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2013 IL 5-8 ISBN 0802854133 The first hint that Jun has that there is something wrong is a whispered threat during class. And then there are the kids pointing and whispering in the halls. What is going on here? When he gets called to the principal's office, he knows there must be some kind of misunderstanding. Kids like him are barely noticed in school. And they certainly don't get into trouble. When the principal tells him that someone hacked into the school webpage and posted awful pictures of one of the most popular girls in school, he thinks he understands. The principal must want him to use his computer skills to track down the cyberbully. But that is not it at all. The principal thinks Jun is the cyberbully.

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