Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leaving Colorado

Today we spend our last day in Denver and head home to New Hampshire.  We arrived on Thursday night very late.  We drove up to Fort Collins and checked into the hotel and fell into bed.  Between the time change and the fact that we had been traveling for so long, we were exhausted.

Friday I spent in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Wyoming Library Conference.  What a great bunch of people.  My afternoon program was shortened due to the luncheon program going over.  But if you had the chance to hear Will Hobbs, you wouldn't complain about it running long either.  I did feel a bit badly for those who attended my programs.  I had to shorten both of them to get them into the time left.  But I hope it went ok.

My son spent Friday at Colorado State University.  He's thinking of transferring there.  He took the tour and spent the day on campus while I was at the conference.  He was very impressed.

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning in Fort Collins before climbing back into the rental to head to Denver. 

Oh yea, they didn't have the small car I had requested so I am driving a huge van.  I have never driven a huge van.  I do not like driving a huge van.  Nor do I like driving in cities.  But, I decided that I had to be the grown-up and drive in Denver I did.  We spent yesterday exploring the city as much as we could in the time we had.  This morning we are heading off to the zoo.  I was surprised when my big college age son asked if we could go.  I certainly and not saying no. 

We'll spend the morning at the zoo and then head off to find the car rental place to get rid of this van.  I'll be happy to get into my little Hyundai again.  And then it's off to the airport for a flight to Chicago.  A two and a half hour layover in Chicago and then home to New Hampshire.  We should be home by 12:30 am and hope to get a few hours of sleep before school tomorrow.

I have been loading podcasts while I'm in Colorado.  I can't believe there was a time when you couldn't get access while on the road.  Thank goodness things have changed.

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