Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ah to be in England

Just found out about this. On Sunday, at 3.30p.m., BBC1 is showing a full-length dramatisation of David Almond's 'Clay'. I checked the BBC site to see if by any chance this was going to be available over the Internet. Alas, tis not. But it looks as if BBC is contemplating a fee based service that will allow us outside the country to access the programs. I for one would gladly pay for the service. Just to get my EastEnders fix!!

I have already done a podcast for Clay that can be accessed at:

I love David Almond's works! So here is another podcast for one of my favorite books!!

Almond, David. SKELLIG

Michael wants his life back the way he dreamed it would be. The excitement of moving to a new house is clouded now that his new sister is so ill and his parents are so preoccupied. The only bright spot is Mina, the girl he meets who has some strong opinions and many things to teach Michael, even though she doesn't go to school. One day while investigating the garage as the real estate agent called it (although Michael thinks of it as a demolition site), he realizes that something or someone is hiding in the far dark corner. Michael reaches out to this being, bringing him Chinese #27 and #53 (his favorite), and aspirin (for his "Arthur Itis") and begins a relationship that defies description. What is Skellig, this creature that Michael and Mina care for? Man? Bird? Angel? What will he mean for their future? This story guarantees to engage and mystify through to the very last page.

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