Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cabot, Meg. SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT

How many of us will agree with the sentiments of Cabot's title? This is the first of the Heather Wells mystery series -- Cabot's adult series of books. How does Cabot write so much and have so many different series? I don't really read books for adults but this one struck me because of the title. And the book is fine for YAs. Heather was once a teen singing idol who seemingly had it all. She was famous, had money and her boyfriend was also a pop star. But then things went sour. Her mom ran away with all the money, her boyfriend sold out, and Heather lost her career. She also gained a few pounds. But, as she is quick to mention, size 12 is average -- not fat. But that doesn't stop those who recognize her from commenting on how she let herself go. Now she is putting herself through college working as a residence hall assistant. She is keeping the books for a private investigator in exchange for rent. The investigator happens to be the older brother of her former fiance and Heather happens to be crushing on him big-time. When students in the resident hall start dieing, Heather teams up with Cooper to find out what is happening.

Cabot, Meg. SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT

She looks familiar doesn't she? I know I saw her someplace. Wait a minute. I know -- that's Heather Wells. You remember. She used to be a singer. Boy, she was a lot thinner in those days. She's really let herself go.

Heather is used to hearing things like this. It's true. She was a teen idol when she was younger. OK, and thinner. But size 12 is not fat. It's average. And so is Heather. She's lost all her money -- her mother took off with it. Now she's working as a residence hall director at a small college in New York City. She also does the books for a private investigator in exchange for room and board. It just so happens that the PI is her ex-fiance's brother. And Heather has a bit of a crush on him. When girls at the school start showing up dead, Heather joins with Cooper to find out why.

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