Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Olivia to come to TV

I've been dealing with the flooding in the library for the past couple of days. We are waiting on the insurance people before we can do much more. It looks as if some of the bookcases will need to be replaces as they are starting to warp. And the heat hasn't been on since the pipe burst. It is getting mighty cold in there. Today is a snow day so I can't stay home and be warm!

One of my favorite picture book characters is getting her own tv show. Starting January 26th, Olivia by Ian Falconer comes to the small screen on Nickelodeon. Better yet, it will air on Nickelodeon on Demand. How cool is that! I love Olivia and can't wait!

Today's podcast is for a new Nancy Drew book. I read the Nancy Drew books as a child and it is fun to see them make a comeback. This new series is geared to the younger set. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew is written for kids in grades K-3. In Wedding Day Disaster, a wedding cake is destroyed and Nancy sets off to figure out the mystery!

Nancy is so excited. She is going to be the flower girl at her cousin's wedding. She has a beautiful dress to wear and she can't wait for the fun to begin. But, if you know NancyDrew, you know that she will stumble on a mystery even during a wedding. When the wedding cake is revealed, there is a piece missing! Who would ruin the beautiful cake?

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