Sunday, December 06, 2009

Today's Podcast 12/06/2009

  • Dessen, Sarah. LOCK AND KEY
    Ruby’s life has suddenly gotten much easier. So, why is she having such a hard time dealing with it? After it was discovered that her mother had run off and left Ruby to get by on her own, Ruby has finally been reunited with her sister Cora who she has not seen in years. Ruby had hoped that no one would ever find out—at least not until she had already turned eighteen. But, that was not to be. Now she has to move to a nice house, attend a private school, and plan for college. Even Nate, the nice, good-looking boy next door is not enough to lighten Ruby’s spirits. As she finds friends in her new world and learns that a nicer environment does not mean that life is easier, Ruby comes to find that secrets need to be told and that she has to trust others if she is going to find true happiness.
    Reviewed by Kari Hagman for Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award

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