Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's podcast 10/23/2012

  • Crockett, S. D. AFTER THE SNOW New York : Square Fish, 2012 IL YA ISBN 1250016762 When he returned home, they were all gone. And all he found was snow - just like always. It has been years since the oceans stopped working and the ice age began. Willo's family escaped to the mountains and scratched out a subsistence by illegal trapping and hiding from the government. But that is all changed now and Willo is alone. He leaves the hut behind on his way to try to find his family. Along the way he finds a young girl who is in worse shape than he is. Her father has been eaten by wolves and her little brother is close to death. At first Willo leaves her behind but his conscious just won't let him. He returns to find her brother has died and the small hut is surrounded by hungry wolves. Willo risks everything to save her but what will he do with her now. Just another mouth to feed. What lies ahead for the two?

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