Monday, March 04, 2013

Today's podcast 03/04/2013

  • Marshall, Linda Elovitz. THE PASSOVER LAMB New York : Random House, 2013 IL K-3, RL 2.3 ISBN 0375971068 Miriam is so excited. It is Passover and this is the year she will sing the Four Questions at the seder. This is her first time and it is special. As she is feeding the sheep, she notices that one of them is acting strangely. She is moaning and seems to be in pain. She calls her parents and they agree that Snowball is probably going to have babies. And she does. Three of them! But she rejects one so it falls to the family to bottle feed the rejected lamb. So now they face the possibility of having the miss the family seder with the family.

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  • Bramsen, Carin. HEY, DUCK! New York : Random House, 2013 IL K-3, RL 1.0 ISBN 037596990X Duck wants a friend. And he has decided that the cat is actually a duck! As hard as Cat tries to convince Duck that he is not a duck, he just can't get it through his head. Finally, Duck gets mad and goes off to play on his own. Will Cat be happy now?

    tags: podcasts elementary

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