Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Today's podcast 04/29/2015

  • Wescott, Shelbi. AFTER LIFE North York, ON : Arthur Press, 2014 IL YA ISBN 1500668753 When Mara's little brother tells her about his death, Mara is not quite sure what is going on. He talks about his brothers and his other sister. OK, it is normal for 4-year-olds to make up stories and have imaginary friends. But this feels different. When Mara learns that her mother and step-father knew about these stories but never said anything, she can't let it go. She asks Soren lots of questions about the time he was Cole and the story begins to focus. With the help of friends, Mara learns about a murder that took place 15 years ago in a neighboring town. The little boy who was murdered by his own father was named Cole. Could there really be a connection? Could Soren be the reincarnation of Cole? Could his memories be real?

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