Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Today's podcast 07/15/2015

  • Lord, Cynthia. HALF A CHANCE New York : Scholastic, 2014 Twelve year-old Lucy is not happy to move again. This time she is moving to a remote lake in New Hampshire, but her nature photographer father will not be there. He will be traveling to Arizona for work. Moving for Lucy means new friends, new school, and lots of new experiences. Lucy handles her loneliness by entering a photography contest. She loves taking photographs. Because her father is the judge of the contest she enters under a false name. She uses the identity of her new neighbor Nate. Nate has spent all his summers at the lake with his grandmother, Lilah who is now losing her memory. Nate and Lucy try to help Lilah by working with her on her loon count. Will Nate be able to accept his grandmother’s loss of memory? Will Lucy tell her dad about deceiving him in the contest? Will Lucy and Nate’s friendship survive these challenges? Reading Half a Chance will give you some surprising answers. (Booktalk by Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award Committee)

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