Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today's podcast 01/21/2016

  • Senzai, N. H. TICKET TO INDIA New York : Paula Wiseman Books, 2015 IL 3-5 ISBN 1481422588 Maya and her family have traveled to Karachi Pakistan after her grandfather passed away. While she is missing school, her teacher has asked her to keep a journal of her time. What starts out as a journey to the funeral of her beloved grandfather, turns into an adventure that Maya could never have even imagined. At the funeral, Maya overhears her grandmother making arrangements to secretly travel to India. Maya and her sister decide to go along to be sure that their grandmother is safe. It isn't easy to get visas into India but fortunately the family had plans to go before this happened. But what is so important for their grandmother to find. After all, she hasn't been back to India since she was a baby. Her family had escaped from India to Pakistan long ago. She is the only one who made it across the border. What could she possibly hope to find? And how will two girls from California ever hope to help her?

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