Sunday, November 20, 2016

Alexander, Lloyd. THE BOOK OF THREE

Alexander, Lloyd.  THE BOOK OF THREE
New York : Henry Holt,  2014
IL 5-8, RL 5.3
ISBN 1627791221

Taran is the Assistant Pig-Keeper but he dreams of becoming a hero.  When Hen Wen the pig runs away, he may just get his chance.  This is the first book in the classic series Chronicles of Prydain. Taran is sent to find Hen Wen and return her to Caer Dallben.  Hen Wen is an oracle and she needs to be consulted to find out what is happening with the animals.  As he is searching for Hen Wen, Taran meets none other than High Prince Gwydion, who is on his way to consult with Hen Wen for the same reason.   Together they set out with Gwydion’s horse Melyngar to find the pig.  

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