Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cass, Kiera. THE SIREN

Cass, Kiera.  
HarperTeen, 2016
ISBN 0062391992

Even though it has been 80 years, Kahlen still has trouble living the life of a siren.  She loves the ocean and her sister sirens, but she just can't stand their mission.  They sing and cause disasters at sea.  Each time the ocean tells them to sing, Kahlen dreads their mission.  In between singings, they live very nice lives. The only stipulation is that they can't talk to humans.  Their voices cause humans to drown so they live lives as mutes.  And they have no human friends.  When Kahlen meets a wonderful young man, she knows she can't be involved with him. But there is just something about him that keeps her coming back.

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