Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy, busy

I spent the weekend putting the final touches on the course I'm doing for ALSC. All you tech savvy booktalkers out there, it should be a fun month! I hope you are going to enjoy this journey.

I'm doing 3 workshops over the long weekend. I hadn't planned to do that but NEA NH asked at the last minute and I can never turn them down. So I'm doing two different workshops for them. Then I'm off to Richmond VA for workshops on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it. I am doing my typical tweaking until the last minute so I haven't been able to give them the handouts to copy. A special thanks to Whitney for her patience. I finally got the handout to her today. I'm still tweaking so who knows what the workshop will look like by Monday.

I just want to thank the Red Sox for their contribution the the economy. Sure they could have won last night and swept the Angels. But they are looking out for the little guy. The hot dog vendors and ticket sellers at Fenway. By having the series go one more game, they are helping the economy greatly. But you can win tonight guys!

Today's podcast is for an interesting book by Dori Hillestad Butler. DO YOU KNOW THE MONKEY MAN?

Sam hasn't seen or heard from her father in years. Dad left when Sam was three. Right after the accident. Dad and Sam's twin sister Sarah went out in the canoe. But it tipped over and Sarah was killed. Dad took off and the only time Sam heard from him was a postcard he sent from the zoo. It had a picture of a monkey on it and a short note but nothing else. And now Sam is consumed with finding Dad. She is so desperate, she goes to the local psychic for information. But that was no help. The woman only told her that Sarah was alive. So much for being psychic! So Sam sets out on a journey that she hopes will lead to her father.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the positive comments on my book. I've seen them lots of places...and now a podcast, too? Wonderful! Thank you!!!