Saturday, November 08, 2008

Time flies when you are busy

I love being busy and this month has certainly been a very busy month. I gave two presentations at the NH NEA conference in October. Then I flew down to Virginia and spoke with the Henrico County librarians on Columbus Day. What a great group of people. In spite of a bit of technical difficulty, they hung in there and were very enthusiastic.

I spent election day in Pennsylvania. (I sent in an absentee ballot!) The school that hosted the presentation was beautiful. Thank you to Chichester Middle School! A very enthusiastic group of librarians spent the day with me learning about infusing booktalks with technology. I overplanned as usual and we didn't have time to play with the equipment. I have heard from a few attendees that they did indeed go back and use what they learned! Thank you to all the librarians for a great day.

I just finished up the month-long ALSC module "The Tech Savvy Booktalker". I was absolutely blown away with the quality of the final projects. Kudos to all participants. It was a fast paced month with a lot of information to absorb but I know they were up to it! Can't wait to do this again.

My proposal for a AASL preconference program has been rejected :-( I sent in a proposal to do a tech savvy booktalker preconference that would allow participants to play with the technology. I'm bummed but I'll get over it. I probably wouldn't be allowed the time off anyway.

I have been appointed as the Chair of the 2010 YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium. An honor but I worry about what I've gotten myself into. That coupled with my work on the YALSA Technology Committee is sure to keep me very busy.

So, I haven't really had much time to read for pleasure this past month. I am currently reading the new book from City of Ember. I am enjoying it and hope to finish this weekend. I've also read Living Dead Girl. Very disturbing and has one of those endings that can be interpreted several ways. I love those!! Right after that I read Invisible. I wish I had read a funny book in between the two!

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