Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to blogging

Oh wow. Has it really been 2 months since I posted?? My class was so much work that I really had no time to do much else but work on it. No time to read for pleasure or think of anything but advanced cognition. But I got through and then just vegged for a couple of weeks. I am coming out of my doctoral stupor now and have been catching up on my pleasure reading, blogging and podcasting. My next class is starting soon and it will be an intense 6 week course so I may be absent again in a few weeks.

Today's podcast is for the book Why are animals red? by Melissa Stewart. I had never really thought too much about this question but I did enjoy this book. It is definitely for the younger crowd but I think other children will enjoy the wonderful pictures.

Stewart, Melissa. WHY ARE ANIMALS RED?
Berkley Heights, NJ : Enslow Elementary, 2009
IL K-3
ISBN 0766032493
I saw a beautiful bird on a bush outside my window. It was a red bird that I believe was a cardinal. I started thinking that I don't know of too many red animals. There are lots of green and brown animals that blend in with their surroundings, but what kind of animal is red. And then I picked up this book and found out!

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