Monday, May 25, 2009

Podcast #800

8 phone_0 number 0Wow. I just posted my 800th podcast! And considering that I just took a month's hiatus, that is pretty incredible. At least I think so. So what did I chose for this momentous podcast? Well, yesterday the family sat around and watched a pretty bad movie on scifi channel. It was about a tornado striking a nuclear power plant and the "heroic" efforts of a few of the staff to save the world from a meltdown. So what does this have to do with today's podcast? All through the movie, the young skeptic was wearing a Kiss tee shirt. I found that amusing. I don't know why but I guess if I could choose my wardrobe for the end of the world, it might not be a Kiss tee shirt. But, in honor of the saving the world from nuclear disastor:

In the 1970s, Kiss was one of the first bands to use explosions and flashing lights in their
concerts. Part theater, part rock performance, each concert was elaborately staged and unforgetable. When the band first formed, they decided that they didn't just want to stand in front of an audience and play music. They wanted to stretch the boundaries of performance and shock their audience. Coming on stage in face makeup and relying on special effects, they achieved their goal. Some say that Kiss is the greatest rock band ever. Whatever your feelings about them are, they are truly unforgetable.

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