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New Podcasts 09/26/2009 (p.m.)

  • Prineas, Sarah. THE MAGIC THIEF
    New York : Harper/Collins, 2008
    IL 3-6, RL 4.5
    ISBN 006137587X

    Even in the shadows, the thing I’d stolen was darker than dark, and though it was small, a stone no bigger than a baby’s fist, it was heavier than the heart of a man on his way to the gallows tree. It was a magical thing. The wizard’s locus magicalicus. As I stared down at the wizardly stone, it started to glow.

    Connwaer is a young pickpocket living on the streets of the city of Wellmet. Stealing a wizard’s stone was a terrible mistake. By all rights, it should have killed him—but it didn’t. Now the wizard Nevery is offering to take Connwaer on as an apprentice, and to train him as a wizard in his own right. But the city’s supply of magic seems to be dwindling. There are dangers all around him and sometimes it’s hard to know whom to trust. Join Connwaer in this fast-paced adventure as he makes new friends and encounters powerful enemies while attempting to find out who’s behind the disappearance of magic in Wellmet. (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee, 2009-2010)

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  • Korman, Gordon. SWINDLE
    New York : Scholastic Press, 2008
    IL 3-6, RL 4.9
    ISBN 0439903440

    At the very back of the drawer, a flash of color caught his eye. He reached in and drew out an old faded card. There was a picture of a loaf of bread in the center, surrounded by the message: TOP DOG BAKERY PRODUCTS—FOR THE SANDWICH OF CHAMPIONS. He turned it over and examined the other side.There was a color drawing of a baseball player shouldering a bat. The image wasn’t detailed, but the face seemed familiar. Griffin read the name at the bottom:

    During an unauthorized sleepover at the local “haunted house”, Griffin discovers an antique baseball card. With his family desperately in need of money, he decides to sell the card—only to find out later that the unscrupulous dealer only paid him a tiny fraction of what the card was worth.
    Now Griffin has a plan for righteous revenge---he’ll assemble a team of local talent from his school:
    Ben---best friend
    Savannah---dog whisperer
    Melissa---computer nerd
    And together they’ll get that card back in time for the Annual Sports Memorabilia Auction.---they’re out to Swindle a swindler. What could go wrong??
    Read Swindle for the heartstopping answer! (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee,

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  • Mass, Wendy. EVERY SOUL A STAR

    Meet Ally: She’s lived at the Moon Shadow Campground for as long as she can remember and she never wants to live anywhere else. She loves her Mom, Dad and little brother, she loves being homeschooled, and she loves the natural world of trees, flowers and stars that surround her. So why have her parents decided to sell the campground and move them all to the city?

    Meet Bree: She feels like an outsider in her own family. Her Mom, Dad, and little sister think of nothing but schoolwork, learning, and the world of science. They have little appreciation for Bree’s love of Seventeen Magazine, shopping at the mall, and her ambition to become a professional model. How CAN they expect her to come along with them on their crazy move to a CAMPGROUND in the middle of nowhere?? As of this summer, her life is OVER…..

    Meet Jack: His life is continuing on the path he’s been on forever….he weighs too much, he has no friends, he’s given up on school, and he’s flunking science. But his science teacher is offering him a choice that just might change things---spend a month trying to make up the grade in summer school, or accompany Mr. Silver (as his assistant tour guide) on a camping trip to study a total eclipse of the sun. Read Every Soul a Star to find out what happens when three kids who have nothing in common are tossed together at the Moon Shadow Campground---when you’re on the verge of growing up, one summer can change your life forever… (New Hampshire Great
    Stone Face nominee, 2009-2010)

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  • Ibbotson, Eva. THE DRAGONFLY POOL
    New York : Dutton Children's Books, 2008
    IL YA
    ISBN 0525420649
    Tally is eleven and lives in London with her father who is a doctor. It is 1939, and war against Hitler is likely to come. Many children are sent away to the country from London to be safer. Tally is sent away to school at Delderton. At first Tally does not want to go away but finds life at Delderton to her liking. She reads about the country of Bergania and wants nothing more to visit this peaceful and beautiful place. When Tally discovers that the 1939 International folk dancing festival is to be held in Bergania she organizes a folk dance troupe at Delderton so that her school can participate. In Bergania she meets crown price Karil who wishes to have ordinary friends and would like to attend a school like Delderton. Karil’s father is killed by an assassin and Tally and her friends help Prince Karil escape from the Nazi’s. Will Karil get his wish of a normal life in England? (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee, 2009-2010)

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  • Haddix, Margaret Peterson. FOUND (S&S)
    A plane suddenly appears at an airport jetway. “Sky Trails” airlines employee Angela DuPre, peers down the jetway at the mysterious plane with the insignia that reads “Tachyon Travel”. There is no sound from the plane and the door is open. Ignoring airline procedure, she goes on board the plane. There is no sound. Is there no one aboard? Angela notices that there are 36 seats on the plane. Each one is taken. In each seat is a baby. Thirteen years later, thirteen-year-old Jonah receives a letter in the mail that reads: “You are one of the missing”. Jonah has always known that he was adopted but when the letter arrives just after telling his new friend Chip that he was adopted Jonah is suspicious. Chip is also adopted and receives the same letter. Is this a seventh grade prank? Then a second letter arrives: “Beware! They’re coming back to get you.” (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee, 2009-2010)

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  • French, Vivian. THE ROBE OF SKULLS
    Cambridge : Candlewick Press, 2008
    IL 3-6, RL 4.7
    ISBN 0763635316
    Lady Lamorna envisions the gown of her dreams: rows and rows of little skulls sewn along the hem… spider webs interwoven with poison ivy on black velvet…blood-red petticoats! When she discovers that her coffers no longer contain the necessary gold to pay for such finery, the aging sorceress hatches an evil plot; she will kidnap all the princes and princesses in the kingdom and turn them into frogs. Surely their royal parents will pay her dearly to restore them to their former selves! This being a fairy tale, after all, a large cast of characters enter the mix… her hapless servant Gubble, a dimwitted troll; a brave little girl named Gracie Gillypot; Marlon, a wisecracking bat; and the usual assortment of wicked stepsisters, royal personages and old crones. This is a delightful, witty romp, the first book in the TALES FROM FIVE KINGDOMS series. (New Hampshire Great Stone Face nominee, 2009-2010)

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