Sunday, November 22, 2009

AASL 2009

Well, I am finally coming down from the high of AASL Charlotte. It was an amazing few days filled with excitement, information and the chance to hang with friends. The AASL Smackdown was a lot of fun. I got to be on the panel with some absolutely incredible librarians. Here I am with Nancy White. We co-presented Web 2.0 applications for reading promotion.

The final event was an evening at the Imaginon. This is the children's library of Charlotte. It is an amazing place. And was filled with amazing people. Here I am with Sara Kelly Johns at the party!

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Andrea Christman said...

I missed your Web 2.0 session, but I caught you at the Smackdown. Wasn' that awesome? I enjoyed reading your reflection. I have added this post to my "blogroll" of AASL 2009 reflections (public Google Doc) at