Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Podcast 11/24/2009

  • Knowles, Johanna.
    Cambridge : Candlewick, 2009
    IL YA
    ISBN 0763639494
    "Their words made me feel beautiful. Irresistible. Even powerful for that one brief moment before it was over. But I was none of those things. I was nothing" Ellie has learned the hard way that she can be used. She believed the boys when they lied but then saw them just leave when it was over. Even Josh. Ellie thought he was different. But he just left her in the car and went back to the party. She saw him through the window laughing with the other boys. Laughing at her. Her depression deepens when she finds there are more serious consequences to her actions than talk in the boys lockerroom.

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