Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today's podcast 08/10/2014

  • Giles, Gail. GIRLS LIKE US New York : Candlewick, 2014 IL YA ISBN 0763662674 Graduating from high school is a major event. It is life changing. For Quincy and Biddy, it is really a major step. Both girls are in the school's special education program. The girls both struggle with learning. Their teacher has arranged for them to move into their own apartment in the home of a older woman who needs some help around the house. Biddy is very excited but Quincy is not so sure about this. The girls don't really know each other and this may be a bad idea. Biddy is very upbeat and takes to the arrangement right away. She loves cleaning the house and puts all she has into making this all work. Quincy doesn't like people much and she is angry at the world. She will do her job at the local bakery but she refuses to think this is a good thing. Is there any way that these girls can bond?

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