Monday, September 01, 2014

Today's podcast 09/01/2014

  • Ibbotson, Eva. THE SECRET OF PLATFORM 13 New York : Puffin, 1994 IL 5-8, RL 7.5 ISBN 0141302860 The Gump is a secret passage between The World and The Island. It only opens once every nine years. The last time it opened, the young prince was lost. His nannies decided to take a short visit to the World. While there, the baby was taken by Mrs. Trottle who wanted a baby for her own -- even if it means stealing one. Now, nine years later, a group of rescuers leave the Island on a quest to return the prince to his home. This unlikely troop -- an ogre, a hag, a wizard, and a fey will have to sneak around London unnoticed. They learn that the baby was stolen by Mrs. Trottle and they find her and her son Raymond. Raymond is a lazy, spoiled child. The rescuers are shocked and the thought of him becoming their king is not making them happy. But they have a job to do. They meet a young boy named Ben who is a servant in the home and he helps them get to Raymond. What will happen when the prince is returned to the Island?

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