Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Today's podcast 09/03/2014

  • Kehret, Peg. SPY CAT New York : Sleuth Penguin, 2008 IL 5-8, RL 4.6 ISBN 0142412198 Life for Alex and his family has calmed down since the arson they faced last year. But now there is a series of burglaries in the neighborhood. Alex's friend Rocky is upset because his house was broken into. They were only gone for an hour and when they got home, they found that someone was there and took a lot of their stuff. Then the new next door neighbor's house was burglarized. Of course Pete the cat has seen the whole thing but no one understands him. He keeps telling them but the humans just hear meow! Alex' little brother is in to playing spy and tries to track down clues. But what will happen when the burglars stop by Alex' house?

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