Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today's podcast 10/25/2014

  • MacHale, D. J. STORM New York : Razorbill, 2014 IL YA ISBN 1595146679 Tucker and his friends have been held prisoner on Pemberwick Island off the coast of Maine. A group of Navy military personnel, known as SYLO are holding the islanders captive. The teens have successfully escaped and are determined to tell the world what SYLO is doing. But things are not going to happen the way they plan. When the arrive in Portland, they find that a major battle has occurred few people are left. They meet up with a couple of survivors and hear a message on the radio that tells them to head for Nevada. The kids are not sure what to do now. Is there anything left of the eastern seaboard? Or even the world? They decide to head to Boston to see what is going on. What they find is that it is not always easy to figure out who the "good guys" are. The second book of the SYLO trilogy keeps us in suspense and unsure what is going on.

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