Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Today's podcast 11/12/2014

  • Bernheimer, Kate. THE GIRL WHO WOULDN'T BRUSH HER HAIR New York : Schwartz & Wade, 2013 IL K-3, RL 4.1 ISBN 0375968784 There once was a girl who refused to brush her hair. That's just her way. She had beautiful brown, wavy hair but just did not want to brush it. One night, a mouse decided to make a nest in her hair. Well, you know how some people jump and scream at the site of a mouse? She didn't. She enjoyed the company. And more and more mice decided to take up residence in her hair. At first the kids at school were jealous and they stopped brushing their hair hoping mice would live in their hair. But mice don't like baths and after a few weeks of not taking a bath, the little girl began to smell kind of gross. And then the teacher said she couldn't bring her doll to school anymore because of the mice. What's a girl to do?

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  • Berger, Lou. DREAM DOG New York : Schwartz & Wade, 2013 IL K-3, RL 3.4 ISBN 0375866558 Harry desperately wants a dog. He needs a dog. But his father won't let him have a dog. You see, his father works in a pepper factory and his nose is just too sensitive after being around all those peppers. If he gets near a dog, he just starts sneezing. Harry has a great idea. He puts on his X-35 Infra-Rocket Imagination Helmet and conjures up a dog. It is the dog of his dreams and he names him Waffle. They go everywhere together. But what happens when his father gets a new job and decides to buy a dog?

    tags: podcasts elementary

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