Friday, May 08, 2015

Today's podcast 05/08/2015

  • Wiggins, Bethany. STUNG New York : Walker Books, 2013 IL YA ISBN 0802734189 It started out as a good idea. The bees have become endangered and everyone fears what will happen if they disappear forever. It would mean the end of all we know. So the scientists develop genetically modified bees that can live through anything. Unfortunately, their sting can be fatal. When a vaccine is developed to protect from the sting, there is not enough to go around so only a few are vaccinated. And very few have the full 10 dose course of vaccine. Fiona is one of those. When she wakes up in her room, everything is different and she is disoriented. Although she doesn't remember much, it is obvious that many years have gone by. She doesn't recognize the young woman she sees in the mirror. As she tries to make her way to the walled city, she learns that those who received the vaccination have turned into beasts. There are raiders around who sell them to the people who run the pit and that she is a level ten, the most dangerous of all. She is destined to turn into the worst kind of beast. Can she find some answers before this happens?

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