Monday, May 11, 2015

Today's podcast 05/11/2015

  • Wood, Maryrose. THE HIDDEN GALLERY New York : Balzer + Bray, 2011 IL 3-6, RL 6.7 ISBN 0061791121 Back for book 2 of the series, life has not changed that much for the Incorrigibles – Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopeia, the children who were raised by wolves. Miss Penelope Lumley is doing a great job of civilizing them even if Lady Constance thinks they should be sent to an orphan home. After the disastrous Christmas party where the children nearly destroyed the house, Lady Constance is more convinced than ever that they cannot be tamed. With the noise of the workman and the continual interruptions, she is beyond annoyed. When Penelope receives a message from Miss Mortimer, her former head mistress, with an invitation to meet her in London, Lady Constance thinks it is a fine idea for the entire household to visit. She plans to stay in London until the house is back to normal. Penelope is sent a travel book from the headmistress and a man tries to steal it on the train. How odd. But when she and the children arrive in London, they find that their guide book is not all that useful. Instead of pictures of London sites, it is filled with pictures of mountains and beautiful valleys. And there is an entire section on one gallery at the British Museum. Why would they have been given a useless guide book?

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