Saturday, September 05, 2015

Today's podcast 09/05/2015

  • Buzzeo, Toni. A PASSION FOR ELEPHANTS : THE REAL LIFE ADVENTURE OF FIELD SCIENTIST CYNTHIA MOSS New York : Dial, 2015 IL K-3 ISBN 0399187251 Cynthia Moss was not afraid of big things. Or big challenges. I didn't know much about her before I read this biography but I am glad that I read it. After graduating from college, Cynthia decided to travel to Africa to see the big continent. While she was there, she got a job photographing elephants. They were big but Cynthia was not afraid. Day after day, Cynthia spent time with the elephants. And with each day, she learned more and more about their behavior. Would you like to find out what Cynthia Moss learned?

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