Monday, September 14, 2015

Today's podcast 09/14/2015

  • Holyoke, Polly. THE NEPTUNE PROJECT New York : Disney Hyperion Books, 2012 IL 5-8, RL 5.6 ISBN 1423157567 In a not so distant future, we meet Nere, a teen who is living with health issues. She has always had trouble with her lungs but the medicine helps some. She lives with her scientist mother and their dolphins. Well, technically, they don't own the dolphins but they have trained them for years and feel they are part of the family. Both Nere and her mother are telepaths and can "talk" to one of the dolphins. When the government swoops in and demands that all families move away from the coast and move inland, things are going to change forever. Nere's mother brings her down to the secret lab. Two other children are brought down as well and they learn the truth about their condition. They have been genetically modified to live underwater! It will just take one more injection. And just like that, everything Nere knows is shown to be a lie. She is an experiment. And the father who she believed had died is alive and well and creating a colony of children who live underwater. But this journey will be filled with danger, shifting friendships, and new adventures.

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