Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Daniels, April. DREADNOUGHT

Daniels, April. 
New York : Diversion Books, 2017


One minute Danny is hiding behind the mall applying polish to her toes and wishing she could tell people that she is really a girl but in a boy's body.  The next minute, a flash of light and a dying superhero make her wish come true.  Sort of.  Danny can't believe when she looks down and sees that she is now a beautiful girl.  A picture perfect girl. But Dreadnought has also given his mantle to her. She now has superpowers!  She is only 15 and new to her girl body, how can she be expected to be the new Dreadnougt superhero?  She has her doubts as do others in the Legion. These are the white cape superheroes that protect the world from the black capes.  When she is told that she cannot be trained as a superhero until she turns 18, she is disappointed and relieved at the same time. After all, she doesn't feel very heroic and can't imagine fighting crime.  This is not going to go well for our hero.

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