Thursday, July 20, 2017

Roberts, Willo Davis. PAWNS

Roberts, Willo Davis.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2017

Fourteen year old Teddi is trying to come to grips with her parents deaths just four months ago.  She doesn't know what she would be doing or who she would be living with if Mamie hadn't opened her home. Mamie was their next door neighbor and really helped Teddi through those horrible months when her mother was dying. Now Mamie has a new person showing up on her doorstep. Dora shows up with suitcases in hand and very pregnant.  She tells Mamie that she was married to Mamie's son Ricky who has been killed in a airplane accident. Mamie doesn't know what to think since she really hasn't heard much from Ricky after he moved to California.  So Dora is welcomed as the new baby when he is born.  But something is         just not right.  And Teddi is going to find out what.

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