Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Off to ALA

I've spent the day packing and tying up loose ends getting ready to head off to Washington bright and early tomorrow morning.  I'm going early so I can have some site seeing time before the conference gets into full swing.  On Friday I'll be volunteering at an elementary school and then attending the AASL affiliates assembly Friday night.  There are so many programs I want to go to and so many author signings in the exhibit area, I will be going like mad through the next few days.  I am skipping the banquets this year but may sneak in to hear the speeches.  Whatever I end up doing, I know I'll have a blast.  When I first starting going to ALA a million years ago, I was a bit intimidated by the size.  But now, I love spending hours walking around the exhibits talking with vendors and meeting authors.  And I always bring something back from the programs. 

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