Friday, June 29, 2007

Schooled by Gordon Korman

Cap has never been in the town before.  Sure he's been there with his grandmother when they had to pick up supplies, but for the most part, Cap has spent his entire life alone with his grandmother.  Back in the 60s, Rain had founded the commune and it had been a lively place.  But as the people got older and times changed, everyone had left to resume their lives in the real world.  But not Rain.  When Cap's parents were killed, Rain raised him in the ways of the commune.  But now Rain is in the hospital and Cap is in foster care and forced to go to the public school.  With his long hair and homemade sandals, Cap really sticks out.  But his naivet√© is what really sets him apart from the others.  He really believes that he has been elected 8th grade president because the kids have faith in him.  Not because they have a tradition of terrorizing the poor soul that occupies this office.

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