Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The masses are fed, the grandchildren tucked in, the kids asleep on assorted couches and chairs and now it's quiet time. I love the hubbub of the day but it is such a great feeling when the day turns to night and everyone is happy and well fed. I wish this feeling to everyone.

While we were waiting for the turkey to cook, my grandson Aiden and I took a look at the new website Lookybook. The site is still in preview but looks great. Lookybook's mission is:

to create a comfortable place where a curious and devotedaudience can search, view, talk about, and buy from a diverse and rapidlyexpanding collection of picture books. We intend to create the greatestopportunity for authors, illustrators and publishers to reach interestedconsumers and dramatically extend the life of their books.

Lookybook currently features over 200 titles and is growing daily. Our goal,by mid-2008, is to feature over 1000 titles.

I didn't know if Aiden, age 4, would be interested in reading books online. He does love to be read so I thought I'd give it a try. We ended up reading 8 books before I had to stop to get back to the kitchen. The site gives you access to the entire book -- not just a few pages. We really liked the selection and being able to grab another book as soon as we were finished. And also putting the book away if we didn't want to finish. The one problem I had was the size. I didn't see a way to enlarge the image and some of that print was pretty small for these old eyes. I need to play with it some more to see if I'm missing a full screen option. Aiden did ask if we could buy a couple of the books because he wanted to touch them.

When I had to go back to the kitchen, I set Aiden up on BookPals so he could be read to by a celebrity. He liked it but not for too long. At bedtime, he asked if he could have a real book instead of the "puter book". Gotta love it.

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