Friday, November 16, 2007

Of 6th graders and bibliophiles

I got to work with 6th graders on Tuesday.  It wasn't on a research assignment as I usually do.  This was for their reading projects. This is a great group of kids.  They come to the library every Monday to pick out books, read magazine, and just to be in the library.  We don't have "library time" in our school but these kids and their teacher have decided that they want to have a regular time.  This week we had no school on Monday so they missed their time.  But on Tuesday, I went to them with lots of ideas about projects they can do for their grade.  We looked at PhotoStory, VoiceThread, Animoto, videos, podcasts, vodcasts and even our old reliable PowerPoint.  There was so much energy and enthusiasm in the room.  The kids signed up for lots of projects and I'm looking forward to working with them during the rest of the year. 

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