Friday, February 29, 2008

Back from a week of seminars

My frequent flyer miles have certainly been added to this week! I have done seminars in Memphis, Lafayette and Savannah. A big shout out to all those great people I have the pleasure of meeting this week. Amazingly, all my flights were on time and my bags didn't get lost once. Actually, the only flight I had a delay on is the last one. I had one more plane to get home and was really looking forward to getting in my car and going home. But the Atlanta to Manchester flight was delayed for 3 hours!! And why was it delayed? Because the flight attendant who was supposed to work the flight was ill and they had to get a replacement. Now you would think that in Atlanta -- Delta's hub -- there would be one flight attendant who could do the flight. But no. We had to wait for a flight attendant to fly in from Cincinnati!! I don't get it. There were a lot of upset passengers on that flight! When I finally got back to New Hampshire at around 2:00 AM, I found that wheels off one of my bags had been broken off. So, imagine a very tired woman dragging 2 heavy bags around long term parking in the freezing cold. It took awhile to find my care. It had snowed and they were all covered. I had written down where my car was but I couldn't find that section of the lot!!

I had planned to upload this week's podcasts during my trip but things just didn't go as planned. But, they are up now.

Spinelli, Jerry. LOVE, STARGIRL

Stargirl has left Arizona and is trying to find herself again in Pennsylvania. But she can't stop thinking about Leo. And how she got lost in Arizona. She is back to being Stargirl. She's left Susan behind. She's back to home schooling. She won't take a chance on the school. And she is trying hard to find joy again. If you know Stargirl, you know that she has found some unusual friends but Leo still haunts her thoughts, Read her letter to him as she tells him about her adjustment and coming to terms with her feelings.


The cover clearly states "Warning: Do not open this book! It's filled with everything I've learned about dragons in my apprenticeship with the great wizard, Maddoc. And it's the private property of my Aunt Moonbeam. Everyone else: KEEP OUT!"

OK, what would you do if you had this book? Probably the same thing I did. I opened it up and read it. Well, I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to know all about dragons. And boy did I learn a lot. I mean, did you know that Black Dragons prefer to hide and then ambush their victims? And that Copper Dragons would rather tell a joke than fight? And that White Dragons aren't particularly smart creatures? Well, it's all in this book. Pick it up and read it -- if you dare.

Weaver, Tess. CAT JUMPED IN!

Oh no! Someone left the window open. And the cat jumped in, in, in! And everywhere the cat goes, he seems to get into something and makes a mess! What will happen when the home owner comes home? Will cat be put out, out, out?


Where, oh where, is Santa? He is missing! What will Christmas be without him? The reindeer are very worried and go out looking for him. And the arctic hares, the seals, the arctic fox and even the polar bears are looking as well. Will they find him? Wait. What's that? Boot tracks!! Will they lead to Santa?

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