Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back from Wisconsin

I've been in Wisconsin for the past week. Well, actually, I was only in Wisconsin for a couple of days and the rest of the week was spent getting there and getting home. My eye injury prevented me from flying as I had planned to do. So I took the train from Boston to Wisconsin. It took 26 hours to get to Madison. And when I got there, it was cold!! Very cold. With the wind chill, it was -25!! But the people were warm and fun. I did an IED/BER seminar on Wednesday in Madison and another on Thursday in Milwaukee. It was a great trip. The train home was delayed several times for weather so it took longer. I left Milwaukee on Thursday night and arrived home on Saturday morning!!

My next trip will be a bit warmer. I'll be doing 3 seminars for Otter Creek at the end of February. Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. Sounds lots warmer. Then in March I'll be doing more IED/BER seminars in New York State.

I came home to find that my webpage was moved to a new server and I'm not having great luck figuring it out. It would help if I could see! So, I have not been able to update my podcasts and my email is acting flukey. I hope to be back on board the tech train soon.

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