Monday, January 21, 2008

more podcasts

Still can't see. Hoping that I'd have a little more vision today but it is not happening. I go back for a checkup tomorrow. I hope she'll have some good news. I don't know what is worse -- not seeing what is there or seeing things that aren't!!

My 4 year old grandson was very excited this past weekend because he was going to spend the night at his other grandmother's house. Since he lives with me, it isn't as much of a treat to stay with me :-) Well, around bedtime, my daughter and son-in-law get a phone call. You guessed it. Aiden wants to come home. Just like in Mary Ann Hoberman's book "I'm going to Grandma's"

The war in the Middle East has been on my mind for so long. I have been against the war from the beginning and mourn the loss of our children in this senseless war. Wilborn Hampton, gives us some background to war in this part of the world in WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST : BLACK SEPTEMBER AND THE YOM KIPPUR WAR : A REPORTER'S STORY
I love Mini Grey and her new book, Ginger Bear, tells of a gingerbread cookie trying to save itself.

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