Saturday, April 03, 2010

Connected Again!

Wow, I can't believe how out of touch I've felt the last few weeks.  My computer has not worked well since I bought it and there have been many calls to tech support, It finally decided to up and die at the beginning of March.  After more calls to tech support, they finally agreed to take it back and fix it.  I got it back on April Fools' Day.  Rather appropriate I think.

Anyway, the last few weeks have shown me just how dependent I am on the technology.  And how much I miss it when it is gone.  I had to borrow computer time when I could get it and much of it was on public access computers.  It was there that I truly understood how important "the cloud" is in my life.  Since I wasn't on my computer, I couldn't bookmark sites, save documents or even sort my email as I could on my own computer.  I was thankful for delicious and for and for mail2web.  But not having a computer when I wanted it and had time to use it, I did not blog or podcast.  I very rarely had time to get on twitter.  It is blocked in my district so I couldn't keep up with it.

But now I have my computer back.  I have been updating my webpages, adding libguides, tweeting, and blogging.  But today is a beautiful day outside and should be about 80 so I think I will leave my "friend" and head on out to enjoy beautiful New Hampshire.

I'm in "A Granite State of Mind"