Friday, July 18, 2014

Today's podcast 07/18/2014

  • Everything is ending for Red O'Sullivan. His brother is dead, his town is dying, and his class will be the last to graduate from their school before it's closed down. The only thing that keeps him and the remaining residents going is the high school football team, the Muckers. They haven't won state since Red's brother was quarterback and with more people leaving and fewer resources available, it would take a miracle to repeat that title. But the entire town is counting on them, and the Muckers won't go down without a fight. (Isinglass Teen Award Committee, 2015)

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  • Breakups can be messy. That's why Quentin's break-up service is so popular. For a small fee, Quentin will inform your significant other that they are now an "ex". For a little more, he'll even soften the blow with flowers or chocolates. Quentin is doing well (despite the occasional violent responses to his messages) and happy to help his mother, who seems like she could use the money. But when his best friend is the next on his list of soon-to-be exes, Quentin realizes there's more to his heartbreak business than he thought. (Isinglass Teen Award Committee, 2015)

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