Saturday, July 26, 2014

Today's podcast 07/26/2014

  • Chapman, Elsie. DUALED New York : Random House, 2013 IL YA ISBN 0375970932 In this futuristic take on society, the inhabitants of the gated community have to become killers. Every child in the city has an alt -- a clone who is raised by another family in a different part of town. Sometime between the age of 10 and 20, every child is notified that it is time to kill or be killed. Only one of the alts will survive to become a citizen. Some of the wealthier families can hire strikers. These are paid assassins who will kill the alt. This is totally illegal but it still happens. West Grayer is 15 years old and the only one of her family left. She hires herself out as a striker to gain experience hoping that when her time comes, she will be the one who survives. When her time finally arrives, she begins to wonder if she is the one to survive, or should her alt be the one who deserves a life.

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