Sunday, June 21, 2015

Today's podcast 06/21/2015

  • Han, Jenny. TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE New York : Simon and Schuster, 2014 IL YA ISBN 1442426705 Lara Jean has this habit of writing really detailed love letters to boys she has crushes on in order to get them out of her system. Detailed, down to cataloging their good and bad qualities. Then she puts them away, and is done with both the boy and the letter. Suddenly, the letters are missing, and boys are coming up to her with her letter in their hands. This wasn't just a story of mortification, though it could have been, but it's about how Lara Jean copes with the revelations, as well as her sister Margot going off to college in Scotland, being in love with Margot’s boyfriend, taking care of her father and Kitty, now that Margot isn't around to do it, etc. (Booktalk by NH Flume Committee)

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