Monday, June 22, 2015

Today's podcast 06/22/2015

  • Nelson, Jandy. I'LL GIVE YOU THE SUN New York : Dial Books, 2014 IL YA ISBN 080334964 Noah and Jude are twins who have always felt connected. Jude is the popular one, pretty and outgoing. Noah is the quiet, artistic one, who sees more in the world, but is always being picked on, until Brian moves in next door. Fast forward two years, and things have changed. Their mom is dead, and the twins seem to have swapped lives. What happened and why comes in spurts of insight/story from each twin, both past and present, until it all comes together. The language and imagery is delightful, with Noah being the more fanciful, but this excerpt is Jude talking to Noah: “‘Maybe a person is just made up of a lot of people’ I say. ‘Maybe we’re accumulating these new selves all the time.’ Hauling them in as we make choices, good and bad, as we screw up, step up, lose our minds, find our minds, fall apart, fall in love, as we grieve, grow, retreat from the world, dive into the world, as we make things, as we break things. “He grins. ‘Each new self standing on the last one’s shoulders until we’re these wobbly people poles?’ “I die of delight. ‘Yes, exactly! We’re all just wobbly people poles!’” (Booktalk by NH Flume Committee)

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