Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beach Reads?

I just got back from the grocery store. The lines are really long as everyone tries to stock up on items in anticipation of the nor'easter tonight. I am always amused at the panic the first storm creates. You would think that these people had never seen 12" of snow before. It's like they fear being cut off from civilization over a few flakes of snow. Anyway, I was going down the aisle of "Seasonal Items" expecting to see lots of Christmas stuff -- which I did. I also found a book display stand. Not one to pass up a good book display, I stopped -- and burst out laughing. It was a display for Beach Reads. Guaranteed to withstand sand and surf. Perfect for your day at the beach! Someone at the store must have been cleaning out the store room and thought this would be funny for the first snow storm of the year. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it before I got home! I don't remember all the titles but I do remember that they were all from Penguin!!!

I'm resurrecting my television show -- Kids Book Beat. We've been on hiatis but it is time to start talking about book again. Most of the shows will be done in the old format -- kids sitting around discussing books. But this year we are also going to do some video casting for our school podcast and we are doing booktalks (such a surprise that I would pick that!) We have a ways to go but Tom was good enough to do our first one. These will just be getting better as we go along.

Here's Tom talking about Eldest:

Today's podcast is Levine, Gail Carson. FAIRY HAVEN AND THE QUEST FOR THE WAND

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