Friday, May 30, 2008

Move up day today

Each year we send our middle schoolers home early and host the city's approximately 450 5th graders on a move up day. The 5th graders get to have tours of the school and spend time learning their way around a bit. When you have 8 small schools combining to form one large one, this is a great way to help the kids transition. I met some interesting kids today. Most of them could name at least one author they like. Some gave me a list. I am looking forward to working with some readers this fall. Most of them seem to mention either a fantasy author or a mystery author but I did have one little girl tell me that her favorite is L.M. Montgomery. There's a girl I'll remember!

Today's podcast is for Lyon, George Ella. MY FRIEND, THE STARFINDER. The artwork is amazing in this book and I love the storytelling intergenerational tale.

Have you ever held a star? It doesn't seem possible, does it? But that's what he said he did. When he was young, he saw a star falling and he went looking for it. And he found it. What other wonders has he seen?

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George Ella Lyon said...

Dear Nancy,

I'm the author of MY FRIEND, THE STARFINDER, and just found your podcast. How wonderful! Thank you!!

Last winter, a local church had an exhibit from STARFINDER, and lo and behold, one of the church members had a star her great-great grandfather had found on his farm in Illinois! He saw it fall & went out to find it, just like my friend, Glen Dean. Her mother still had it and so she was able to bring it to church and kids could see and touch it. I was thrilled!

I'll try to email you a photo. (I don't have permission to put this on a website, but I think it's okay to share it with you.)

It's made my day to know STARFINDER has landed in your hands!

All best,

George Ella Lyon

P.S. I do school visits!