Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dreaming of baseball

It is going to be a snowy weekend and that is fine. I am in the midst of writing my final paper for the semester. But I am having so much trouble getting in to it. I have to believe that if I just stop procrastinating and start writing, I'll get it done. I have just been overthinking it and now am not even sure what is expected. So, I am taking a break and will get another cup of coffee and try to start writing again.

Today's podcast is for the book HEY BATTA BATTA SWING! : THE WILD OLD DAYS OF BASEBALL by Sally Cook. I am a huge baseball fan and can't wait until spring when it starts up again. I have even been known to watch reruns of games during the winter months.


What was baseball like back in the days before free agency and designated hitters? Back when the game was young and new and the teams were still trying to figure it all out. Back when there were no uniforms and only one umpire? Where did those team names come from? Learn about some of the ways the game has changed -- maybe not for the better!

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