Sunday, December 14, 2008


My youngest grandson is having a problem with monsters in his room. We now have an elaborate ritual that must be performed every night before he will climb into bed and go to sleep. Most children go through this stage and hopefully Jordan will get over this soon.

But if you are talking about monsters, why not embrace them? That is where this book comes in. Hess, Nina. A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MONSTERS

So you think you know your monsters, right? Well, step right up and see if you are right. Are you ready to be an apprentice wizard? The monsters are introduced by Zendric, a wizard from the Knights of the Silver Dragon. The monsters are found in the Dungeons and Dragons game but everyone who is interested in monsters will find some good information in this guide.

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hollybookscoops said...

We're having the same monster problems at our house. I'll have to check out some monster books and see if that helps. I only hope it doesn't add to the flames of the monster fear fire.