Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice storm

New Hampshire, and much of the surrounding area, was the site of a major ice storm yesterday. Power has gone out and many towns near me are still without power and may be so for days to come. We were fortunate in that we only lost power for a short time. Barely enough time for the cold to penetrate the house. I went out to the mall yesterday and found that many of the stores had no power and were closed. It was odd to see the major retailers like Sears and BonTon closed while the smaller store were doing hefty business. The big box tech stores were all without power so I didn't quite finish my shopping but pretty close. Although we are all fine here, I do hope that those without power don't suffer too long. It is very cold today. There are no hotel rooms left and shelters are filling up. Give me a foot of snow over an inch of ice anyday.

I received a review copy of my first book about President Obama!! It is well done and gives background information about our next president. I am happy to be able to show off a book about our new president in a timely fashion!

Gormley, Beatrice.

Barack Obama is about to become our 44th president. This is an exciting time and a time for change. But who is this man? Learn about his childhood, his time at Harvard University and his record of service to the citizens of Chicago. From community activist to United States Senator to President of the United States, President Obama rose quickly to become the first African American president.

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