Saturday, June 14, 2008

Connected again!

I got my computer back last night!!!! Wow, 10 days without my lifeline. I can't believe how hard that was. Sure I had access here and there but it just isn't the same. I didn't have my files or my software. I felt I couldn't get anything accomplished. Coincidently, I also had a wicked stomach bug so I didn't want to get anything accomplished. That worked for me. I wonder if both of us got the same bug :-)

Beehive Computers couldn't fix my hard drive so I now have a brand spanking new (twice as big) hard drive. They were able to salvage my data but not a lot of my programs. So this weekend will be spent trying to reinstall all my programs. They did put Office back on so that works out.

So, look for podcasts to be resuming soon. I'll record some today as I sit out in the yard enjoying the nice day. We have survived our heat wave with no air conditioning. By Friday both staff and students were pretty testy.

Only four more days of school. On Wednesday, I am a judge on the mock World Court. On Thursday, I am a judge for the 8th grade talent show. I'm just so judgemental this week! And the rest of the week will be spent trying to get those 350+ overdue books back :-(

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